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The Stress Survival Kit

Congratulations on your interest in the Stress Survival Kit and the opportunity to reverse your stress cycle. Dr. Gero has helped thousands of people over the past 35 years and has created a unique systematic approach to manage our nation’s nemeses, stress. All you have to do is use the products daily and experience the positive results. We wish you much success in your journey. Please remember your success in managing your stress is equal to your desire and willingness to take the time to practice. Please give yourself at least 30 days of daily practice to achieve the many benefits of this program. Then continue to use elements of the system as needed. It can be daily.


Squeeze Out Stress Pink Heart - Stress Survival Kit


Breathe in simultaneously squeezing and looking at your pink stress releasing heart, hold, hold, hold and release your stress releasing heart, thoughts and your breath all at the same time. Let's try it one more time Breathe in simultaneously squeezing your stress releasing heart, Hold hold, hold and release your heart, thoughts and your breath at the same time.


Another type of squeeze and release breath is slowly simultaneously squeezing your stress releasing heart as you inhale and count 123, hold 123, slowly release 123456.


Let's try it again. Breathe in slowly simultaneously squeezing and looking at your stress releasing heart slowly inhale counting123, hold 123, slowly exhale and release 123456. This technique will slow you down and calm your mind.



Relaxation Was Observed While Looking at Baker-Miller Pink


In 1978, while researching at City University in Seattle, Washington, Dr. Schauss, along with Dr. John N. Ott, experimented with a certain color of pink, later to be called Baker-Miller. They "observed relaxation of the subjects when they stared at a18 by 24-inch cardboard plate" of this color of pink. They found that no other color consistently resulted in the same relaxation.

Clinical trials have demonstrated that the color pink may






 Baker-Miller pink works by sending a message to your eyes which then goes to the brain, causing chemicals to be secreted which produces a calming effect...A neurohormonal reaction takes place in the pituitary gland that reduces the secretion of adrenaline and other stress hormones.



Relaxation Reminder Cards - Stress Survival Kit


The principle here is to place the cards where you can often see them. It will assist you in making the positive relaxation and stress management, behavior changes you seek. Put one card around your workstation or at home anywhere you can see them frequently. On the fridge, or on your medicine cabinet. Say the mantra I AM as you inhale RELAXED  as you exhale or TAKE A DEEP BREATH several times a day to remind yourself to release stress and create your new stress-reducing behaviors.



Place the CARD where you will see it often (at home and work)

Take the CARD with you while traveling

Enjoy the CARD any time you wish to relax and let go



Stress Survival Kit Stress Meter



Stress Meter is a biofeedback device that measures your degree of relaxation through changes in skin temperature. Use it at room temperature. (About 72 degrees) It will rate your current level of stress or relaxation. Simply place your thumb or forefinger on the black square for about 15 seconds, relax and watch the color change. Under stress, muscles tense and blood flow decreases. Relaxation expands the capillaries; increases blood flow and temperature rises, which changes the color. Using the Stress Meter you can observe changes in your level of relaxation and begin to associate a specific color with that feeling of relaxation or stress.


Skin temperature below 84 degrees is black

Skin temperature at 84 degrees is red

Skin temperature at 87 degrees is green

Skin temperature at 91 degrees is blue


If you are in the black use a breathing technique to relax



Stress Education CD - Stress Survival Kit

Will teach you why it’s so important to learn how to relax, manage stress and develop coping strategies.


10-minute Relaxation CD

has 4 different 10-minute relaxation segments. The first two are guided. The third is affirmations. The fourth is relaxing music. Try them all and experience which works best for you. The practice of relaxation is crucial for learning how to master stress. The more you practice the better you get at releasing stress. Use one or more of the relaxations sessions every day for 30 days and watch your stress levels go down. As you listen to Dr. Gero’s instructions on the relaxation CD, you will feel tension being released from your body. You are learning to let go and relax your body and mind. Soon you will be able to release tension without listening to the CD. Make sure you will not be disturbed. Turn off your telephone to prevent interruptions. You may be sitting up (spine straight) or lying down. Have a positive attitude knowing that you are doing something very healthy for yourself. Observing your thoughts and not getting caught up in them will increase your ability to relax. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to progress. All that matters is you are working on changing attitudes and behaviors through relaxation, not stress. Use your relaxation response any time you choose. Relaxation and managing stress will soon become a more significant part of your life.


Stress Survival Kit Lavender

is an essential oil. Gently inhale it to receive the benefits. One of the important health facts of lavender is its ability to relieve STRESS, improve mood, and promote restful sleep. Scientific evidence suggests that aromatherapy with lavender may slow the activity of the nervous system, reduce anxiety, promote relaxation, lift mood, and improve sleep quality,  


With the STRESS SURVIVAL KIT , you can create and enjoy relaxing and releasing stress every day, anytime it is convenient for you. It only takes 10 minutes a day for about 30 days of listening to the CD to create the habit. After that, relaxation will become a daily ritual. Stress is neither good nor bad. What is important is how we react to stress and how we manage it. While we all need a certain amount of stress to help us perform effectively and respond to emergency situations, today most of us are faced with too much stress. We need the balance of relaxation and becoming aware of when stress is affecting us in order to reverse the cycle. The tools in your STRESS SURVIVAL KIT will become a part of your lifestyle.


If you don’t relax daily, you lose your balance; distress occurs, the quality of your life is affected, and it becomes difficult to cope with everyday life situations. For success in learning how to relax you need a firm intention to practice the CD and use the other tools. The process of change begins with awareness; is sustained by your desire and manifested by your perseverance.



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