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Objective Observation

Objective Observation is the practice of quieting the mind by objectively and unemotionally observing your thoughts. This can be done while sitting quietly or during any mild activity. You may want to use your breath as a focal point. Observe your breath flowing in through the nose and out through the mouth

observing thoughts, not focusing on them as they pop into your awareness. The objective is not to attach yourself to any thoughts by thinking about them. When you become aware of being involved in thought, immediately return to observing and following your breath with your mind. You will eventually become

aware of thought patterns. Write them down if you like and continue your practice. This should be done for 2 minutes 3 times a day eventually building up to 7 times a day for longer periods.

The nature of the mind is to keep busy, usually focusing on solving problems, worries, fears, past and future events and anything that may causes anxiety. I have found that this is the nature of the mind and it is our job to train it become comfortable not thinking and get used to being peaceful. The yoga literature compares the mind to a drunken monkey, which has been bit by a scorpion. Very active. I view training my mind as a challenge. As I wake up in the morning, my first breath and thought is released with awareness. I enjoy the tranquility of not thinking.

Researchers have found that meditation which is a type of objective observation, benefits both the body and mind by lowering blood pressure, drug dependency, cholesterol, anxiety levels, asthma, and other psychosomatic conditions. It also benefits us by increasing stress resilience, ability to fall asleep, brain hemisphere synchronicity, alertness and much more. At times crazy thoughts will pop into my mind automatically. I immediately say to myself, “that’s not me.” By becoming objective to your thoughts, you are in charge.

When your thoughts take you over, they are in charge. Please remember, don’t believe everything you think. Eventually you will experience a deeply peaceful state and become more and more of who you really are.

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