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Emotions are the Doorway to Your Beliefs

Emotions and feelings are responses to your beliefs. Many beliefs are what you learned as a child and that which you have accepted as true. Beliefs create thoughts, thoughts create feelings and feelings create actions. So at the foundation of your life is your belief system. Most of the time your beliefs are running the show of who you are and how you are experiencing life. Change your beliefs and you will change your life.

Some beliefs are positive and support your desire to be happy and successful, while other beliefs will make your life uncomfortable. Therefore it becomes important to observe your feelings which are connected to your beliefs and make choices and take actions that are not reactive. You want to respond in a way to get the results you want. Please do not deny your feelings; just don’t allow them to run you down a road that causes you pain and conflict.

Negative emotions such as anger, jealousy and worry are connected to the negative ego. The part of you that feels separate and disconnected from others. This aspect of you wants to be right at all costs and doesn’t care about others. The positive ego recognizes that it is not separate from others and wants to live in the world successfully. It wants to help others and make the world a better place.

Non-attachment is the death of the ego. You learn to flow with life’s challenges and make lemonade out of lemons. If you have no appointments, you will have no disappointments. You don’t give into negative feelings or feel sorry for yourself. You are aware of your feelings, which stem from your beliefs and choose the actions necessary to get the results you want.

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