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Connecting with Your Higher Self

Stress Survival Kit helps our body and our mind with its complex personality traits keep us occupied most of the time and focused on our physical reality. We forget about the higher self which has many names. It has been called the Devine, the eternal self, the non- physical self, the soul or the oneness. It doesn’t matter which words we use to describe it. It’s the direct experience of our higher self that’s important. This connection is beyond the mind's understanding. It’s difficult to describe and is always available to us in its subtle form. It’s not understandable, just an experience beyond knowing. Everyone has to experience it and define it for themselves. It’s like walking into a fog and you can’t recognize anything because nothing exists the way it does on the physical form. This higher self is essentially an extension of the worldly self on another dimension or frequency. Here we are pure consciousness. No good or bad, no right or wrong, not this or that, just a sense of oneness with everything. This is the place where we are all connected. Hugh Jackman puts it this way, “In meditation, I can let go of everything. I'm not Hugh Jackman. I'm not a dad. I'm not a husband. I'm just dipping into that power source that creates everything.”


Stress Survival Kit Questions to Ask

I have asked myself what is this higher self? Where is it? Is it in the body or is the body in it? Is it an aura, a subtle energy field surrounding my body or an electromagnetic field? It has been said that you can experience the Buddha’s aura up to five miles from his body. The only way to know the higher self is to become the higher self. Merge into the objectivity of this blissful state. My desire is to extend this experience of being for longer periods of time. It means turning off my thinking mind and guess what happens? I merge into my higher self and don’t get stressed from the various life events and thoughts, because I am experiencing and living with my higher self. The higher self is just an extension of yourself. Become loving, humble, kind, grateful, respectful and experience your natural state. The purpose of merging with your higher self is so that your actions are from the highest perspective, creating the best results.

Stress Survival Kit Connecting with Self

Let’s see how we can begin connecting more often to this natural state. First, we have to accept that there is a higher self. Stress Survival Kit helps practice refusing and releasing all thoughts and repeat I am, which will bring you into the moment. At first, the mind will resist because its job is to keep busy figuring things out. In the time it will surrender to your persistence and become comfortable in the silence. This sense of witnessing your thoughts is an essential practice for connecting to your higher self. Once connected, you will experience peace, freedom and want to spend more time experiencing this etheric, blissful healing, state. The purpose of experiencing this state is to remember who we really are as a spiritual being. First, we have to quiet the mind, turn inward and automotive old patterns of worry and fear in order to receive this experience. What do you think Albert Einstein meant when he said, “I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be.”

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