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Jeffrey Gero, Ph.D.

Management Consultant, OD Specialist, Executive Coach, Trainer, Workshop Leader, and National Speaker

For over 30 years, Dr. Gero has worked with many organizations dealing with a variety of stressors. For example, he delivered the first stress management program for the California Department of Corrections at San Quentin Prison; he assisted the Los Angeles Times with the stress surrounding the 1984 Olympics; he assisted Allied Signal with the stress surrounding a plant closing; and, he assisted paramedics in the California State Firefighters Association with job stress. Other clients of Dr. Gero include Amgen, General Motors, Sheraton Hotels, Hawaiian Telephone, Burger King, Dept.of the Army, Dole Foods, World Safety Organization, Liberty Bank, The Heart Association, Hughes Aircraft and Blue Shield. In addition to working with organizations, Dr. Gero coaches athletes and individuals to enhance their performance and solve problems.


The following topics below are of workshops he leads:

• Building a Better Team

• Secret of Peak Performers
• One-on-One Coaching
• Managing Change
• Motivating Yourself and Others
• Organizational Development
• Mental Fitness Training
• Transformational Leadership
• Balancing Work and Home Life

• Overcoming the Obstacles to Success
• Mastering the Mental Game of Golf
• Spirituality at the Workplace
• Mastering the Mind With Meditation
• Making Relationships Work
• Staying Calm Under Pressure
• Preventing Burnout
• Emotional Intelligence
• Mindfulness

Dr. Gero is a pioneer in the field of Stress Management and the creator of the Success Over Stress™ system. With this system Dr. Gero has helped thousands of individuals and organizations manage stress and become more productive. 


Uncontrolled stress costs American business billions of dollars each year. Twenty-three percent (23%) of American workers have been driven to tears because of workplace stress and twenty percent (20%) have quit their job due to stress. The National Safety Council estimates that one million employees are absent the average workday because of stress. The World Health Organization describes stress as a "worldwide epidemic." Dr. Gero discusses what you and your company can do to save money and increase loyalty, morale and productivity.

Dr. Gero helps develop an understanding of how stress effects us, our work environment and what we can do to offset it's negative impact. Utilizing assessment tools we determine strategies and action plans to master the harmful residuals of our national nemesis, STRESS. 

Dr. Gero helps teach skills to prevent burnout, loss of productivity and increased health care costs. He will help you utilize coping strategies and stress reducing techniques. With some lifestyle and behavioral changes you will have your own personalized stress management program to become stress resilient.


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